a non-governmental, non-profit organization, constituted based on the provisions of Law 21/1924 with subsequent modifications, its legal status being granted by the decision no. 1966/07.08.1990 (file 1975/ PJ /1990) of the Civil Court of Sector 1, Bucharest. The Association is formally recognized as unique national accreditation body by Government Ordinance 23/ 2009 and based on the provisions of (CE) Regulation no. 765/2008 and operates under the coordination and surveillance of the Ministry of Economy.​​​​​​​

What is accreditation

Accreditation is the third party attestation, which represents the confirmation of the fact that a body is competent to perform specific conformity assessment tasks. It helps to increase the competitiveness of products and services in the context of market globalization.


Tariffs are expressed in EUR without VAT. Payment is made in LEI at the BNR exchange rate of that day.

How to apply for accreditation?

The first step that a CAB is it to start the accreditation process is to download and study the portofolios of informative documents.

Subsequently, the CAB submits the file with the documents requested by RENAR (in accordance with the List of documents submitted by the CAB, contained in the information document folders) for the initial accreditation / extension / re-accreditation. The CAB will check, on the date of submission, whether its file contains the latest edition of the completed forms (according to the information document folders). The file is registered only if it is complete.

Documents for accreditation

EA / IAF / ILAC Resolutions
RENAR Documents


Accreditated CABS

All accredited CABS.


EA Multilateral Agreement

RENAR is signatory of EA-MLA for calibration, testing (including medical examinations), proficiency testing providers, inspection, management systems certification, product certification, persons certification and validation and verification.


ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement

RENAR is signatory of ILAC-MRA for calibration, testing, medical examinations, proficiency testing providers and inspection.




Multilateral Recognition Arrangement

RENAR is signatory of IAF-MLA for certification of management system certifications (environment, quality, energy, information security, food safety and medical devices), product certification, person certification and validation and verification.