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Romanian Accreditation Association is always open to suggestions. Please complete the form if you want to express your opinions, wishes or criticism regarding RENAR.

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In 1990 is established RELAR based on Law no. 21/1924 regarding the associations and foundations, published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 27 of February 6, 1924.

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Board of directors

Updated: 2014-03-06 19:43:43

RENAR President - Member by right Fănel IACOBESCU
COLLEGE A - College of accredited bodies
Romanian Laboratory Association Full member Elian Florin PĂGILĂ
OLTCHIM Full member Alexandru PANĂ
Romanian Movement for Quality Deputy member Mihail MANGRA
QUALITY CERT Deputy member Ioan BURTEA
COLLEGE B - College of beneficiaries
Balanta SIBIU Vicepresident Bogdan VASILE
Partner Corporation Full Member Virgil PETCU
Hofmann Autotech Romania Full member Mihai Tudor BALTAC
Alconex Deputy member Ion PELEANU
Ectra Electronics Deputy member Marin BERCEANU
COLLEGE C - College of consumers
Spiru Haret University Vicepresident Gheorghe DUDA
Romanian Measurement Society Full member Ionel Marcus URDEA
Romanian Consumers Association Full member Stelian ENACHE
National Association of Medical Devices Centres Deputy member Marcel POPESCU
Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation Deputy member Gabriel VLADUŢ
COLLEGE D - College of authorities
Ministry of Economy Vicepresident - Member by right Radu Nicolae CHIURTU
National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority Full Member Stefan NICOLAE
National Authority for Consumer Protection Deputy Member Stelică NICULA
State Inspection for the Control of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Hoisting Equipment Deputy Member Marian RĂDUCANU
Romanian Standardization Association Member by right Gheorghe ŢUCU