Romanian Accreditation Association - RENAR,

is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, constituted based on the provisions of Law 21/1924 with subsequent modifications, its legal status being granted by the decision no. 1966/07.08.1990 (file 1975/ PJ /1990) of the Civil Court of Sector 1, Bucharest.

The Association is formally recognized as unique national accreditation body by Government Ordinance 23/ 2009 and based on the provisions of (CE) Regulation no. 765/2008 and operates under the coordination and surveillance of the Ministry of Economy.

The legality of RENAR's activities is surveyed in accordance to the applicable in force regulations.

Accreditation steps


Description of accreditation process

 Regulation for accreditation RE-01

 Annex 1 RE-01, Annex 2 RE-01

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RENAR is member of EA, ILAC and IAF

European Accreditation

RENAR is signatory of EA-MLA for testings, calibration, certification of management systems, product certification, inspection, persons certification and green house gas emissions verification.

RENAR is signatory of ILAC-MRA for testing, calibration and inspection.

RENAR is signatory of IAF-MLA for certification of management systems (environmental and quality), product certification and person certification.


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